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Adventures of a field biologist and wildlife photographer living and working in the Kalahari.


Living in the Kalahari


Mine and Rachael’s rondawel is the one on the right.

I’ve been trying to get this post up for a couple of weeks but have been busy and the internet hasn’t been working too well.

The living conditions here are fairly basic but aren’t too bad. As the project has been going so long the running of things is fairly smooth and the set-up is quite good. There are a lot of people here at the moment as this is meant to be the breading season so things are a little cramped but apart from that and the heat living relatively comfortable.

Rachael and I are currently Continue reading



Robin Hoskyns Nature Photography

Just updated my website! As the internet is going to pretty slow in the desert I thought I’d give it some much needed attention.

New pictures!

New scrolling galleries!

New and up to date about me section!

And links to this blog and flickr!

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First post!


In just over a months time I will be heading out to the Kalahari desert for a year. I will primarily be a field assistant working for the Kalahari Meerkat Project (http://kalahari-meerkats.com/) but I will also use the time to work on my nature photography and hopefully come away with lots of great images, not just of the Meerkats I will be working with but the other wildlife I encounter and the surrounding landscape.

I will use this blog mainly to display the photos I have taken but also to communicate some of the science behind what I am doing and give an account of the daily life, joys and stresses associated with this kind of work.

I hope that this blog will be a way to communicating with friends and family and also help me to articulate my thoughts and feelings and improve my writing skills.

In the next month I will post a review of the sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 OS lens which I recently bought for this trip and also a post with short descriptions of the equipment I will be taking.

I will try to post regular updates but I am unsure about the reliability and speed of the internet out in the middle of the desert!