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New Blog! New Website!


I have finally completed my brand new website! There is also a brand new blog to go with it!

From now on I’ll be posting what I get up to on my new blog rather than the Kalahari blog as I’m not in the Kalahari any more. There will however be a few more posts on the kalahari blog which I haven’t got round to writing yet! If you want to receive updates from my new blog click the link below and then click “follow me” in the corner.

Hopefully I will have some lens reviews coming up and of course there will be lots of pictures!

Check out my new website here: www.robinhoskyns.co.uk

And my new blog: https://robinhoskyns.wordpress.com/

My new website has got a few new images that I’ve not shown before and a bunch of my favorites on for now but soon I’ll be uploading lots of new galleries to the archive section.

Thanks for looking!



Robin Hoskyns Nature Photography

Just updated my website! As the internet is going to pretty slow in the desert I thought I’d give it some much needed attention.

New pictures!

New scrolling galleries!

New and up to date about me section!

And links to this blog and flickr!