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Adventures of a field biologist and wildlife photographer living and working in the Kalahari.

Back from the Kalahari!


I’m finally back from the Kalahari and thanks to my parents, my return was via the kgalagadi, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia! I have actually been back for a few days but haven’t got around to getting a blog post up yet.

In the next few weeks I will be very busy trying to sort out all my images from this year, choosing some to submit to wildlife photographer of the year, working on a new, fully professional looking website, and a new blog!

My plan is to keep the Kalahari Blog going alongside my new blog for a little while as there are several posts that I have been intending to write but never got around to doing whilst in Africa.

Meanwhile here’s a picture of a Leopard from the Kgalagadi!



Author: Robin Hoskyns

A field biologist and wildlife photographer from the UK who recently returned from working on the Kalahari Meerkat Project in South Africa. See main website for a full bio and portfolios: www.robinhoskyns.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Back from the Kalahari!

  1. Great to see you – looking forward to more photos of this exciting calibre.

  2. Hi, i saw your link to this picture on facebook.
    This leaoprd is a young female called Miera. Could i ask you to submit it to my KTP leopard project

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