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More Meerkat Pictures!







A cute group shot.

It’s been a while since my last post and it’s getting into winter here in the Kalahari with the nights and mornings getting very cold, days are still quite warm as long as there is no breeze blowing. The internet here is as bad as ever making uploading photos very difficult, it has taken at least a couple of weeks to get this one done.

The Meerkats are getting up much later these days as they don’t like the cold so the time we have to get up for “field o clock” is an almost reasonable 7:00am whereas in the summer it is more like 4:30am!

Due to the cold there are are a lot of Bat-Earred Foxes, usually only seen at night, foraging in the daytime. I still haven’t seen an Aardvark yet but as it gets colder they should also start appearing in daylight so hopefully I will be able to post some Aardvark pictures soon.

Anyway here’s a few of my best Meerkat pictures of the hundreds I have taken so far, I have plenty of pictures of the other wildlife as well so hopefully if the internet is ok I’ll get a post about birds, another with some more reptiles and hopefully one with some Bat-Earred Foxes and an Aardvark!


The “ring of fire” technique.




A Meerkat with a tasty Scorpion snack.


An early morning yawn.


A standard Meerkat portrait.


On guard duty.