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Finally Some Meerkats!



I have been out in the Kalahari for just about two weeks now and am starting to adjust to the heat and antisocial fieldwork hours. I have been very busy with training and have been going out with the other people here who have been showing me how to tempt the Meerkats onto the scales with hard-boiled egg, how to use the handheld computers we use to store ad lib behavioural data and how to enter the data into the database.

Not been taking my camera out quite as much as I would like as each Meerkat group has its own bag with its own set of scales (so the Meerkats don’t get the scent of other groups and to limit the spread of tuberculosis) unfortunately these bags don’t fit my camera in! I will probably be able to carry my camera more often when I am more comfortable with everything going on around me and on Sundays when we don’t have to collect behavioural data.

The internet here is very limited so I may not be updating this blog quite as often or uploading as many pictures as I’d hoped but I will still try to make it work!

Hopefully I will get up a couple of posts about the living conditions and exactly how I spend my days sometime soon but for now I’ll just put up some pictures of Meerkats!Image




Author: Robin Hoskyns

A field biologist and wildlife photographer from the UK who recently returned from working on the Kalahari Meerkat Project in South Africa. See main website for a full bio and portfolios: www.robinhoskyns.co.uk

8 thoughts on “Finally Some Meerkats!

  1. I love those little fellas.

  2. Some good images of the Meerkats Robin, looking forward to some shots of the landscape and it’s inhabitants soon too.

  3. Finally some Meerkats! Hope you’re having a good time:)

  4. Great to see the little guys – how about one of you and R? – please

  5. This looks really interesting and it’s good to know about the scales and bags. The pictures too show more of meerkats than one usually sees.

  6. Hi Rob. It all looks and sounds great. Will be lovely to see what you’re doing.

  7. Hello, I conosco the “Kalahari Meerkat Project” and wanted to know what visitates groups, and that group are meerkats. I’m interested in meerkats that the “Kalahari Meerkat Project” went through a drought that killed beloved meerkats and hard to believe that there are more. Well just I hope your answer.
    For any questions my name is Candela and are fans surictos and keep for several wed site: For example this: http://meerkats.wikia.com/wiki/Meerkats_Wiki

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